The Luna Series offers more panels for hotel use, giving your guests the experience of high technology in their rooms and making it easier to manage their safety and comfort. The Luna bedside panel with a 4.3” touchscreen and 12 buttons, temperature sensor, and LED screen offers a stylish interface for managing climate, lighting, and moods that is simple for any guest.

  • Category: TIS-BUS PANELS



Important Features

- Control LED & RGB lights and dimmers 

- Thermostat for Air conditioning control 

- Open & close motorized curtains & shades 

- Set your favorite mood 

- Request for room services 

- Set RGB LEDs back lit for each button 

- Wall mount, Touch panel with OLED 1” 

- Screen Built-in temperature sensor 

- Fits into 5 types of panel additions for extra functions 

- Works with TIS-BUS protocol 

- Available in black and white glass colors. 

- Fit into all standard sizes (US, UK, EU) back boxes