This panel with a 4.3” touchscreen and LCD temperature sensor offers a stylish and sophisticated interface for managing lighting, music, climate, motors, security, moods, and other third-party devices. It will also display reminders and alerts via the high-resolution screen.

  • Category: TIS-BUS PANELS



Important Features

- Control lights, dimmers & RGB color sequences 

- Thermostat for air conditioning control 

- Arm security system in different levels

- Volume Control for Music & Radio 

- Open/Close Motorized Curtains & Shades 

- Set Favorite Mood 

- Monitor Room Air Quality & Outdoor Weather Status 

- Read & Calculate Home Energy Consumption & Cost 

- KEY FEATURES Wall mount, touch panel with TFT LCD screen 

- Built-in temperature sensor 

- Built-in buzzer for messages and alerts 

- Fit into 5 types of panel addition for extra functions 

- Configurable with TIS remote control 

- Work with TIS-BUS protocol 

- Available in black and white glass colors. 

- Fit into all standard back boxes (US, UK, EU)