The Terre Series includes wall panels and sockets, available in plastic, wood, leather, stone, or metal finishes. Available as a button touch panel interface, thermostat touch panel, music touch panel, hotel service touch panel, 1 gang switch, 2 gang switch, and bell switch. Available with the following sockets: EU power, Universal power, USB, Speaker connector, Telephone, TV male/female, Data, LED Indicator, and blank plate. The Terre Panel is designed to fit UK and Europe Box standards.

  • Category: TIS-BUS PANELS



Important Features

- Thermostat, Control air condition 

- Control floor heating system 

- Programmable schedule by application 

- Memorize last statues setting. 

- 5 different cover varieties (plastic, Aluminum, Glass) 

- Wall mount, Touch panel 4 buttons & OLED 1” 

- Built-in temperature sensor 

- Fit into 5 types of panel additions for extra functions 

- Work with TIS-BUS protocol Fit into (UK, EU) junction box size